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Trademark Registration

Trademark Overview

A trademark can be any word, design, symbol, phrase, or combination of these elements that identifies your goods or services. It is how customers recognize you in the marketplace and distinguish you from your competitors. Trademarks are central business tools as they allow companies to establish their product’s market image without worrying that an inferior product will weaken their brand image or profit by misleading the consumer. Trademarks highly increase the legal protections offered to your brand, allowing you the freedom to focus on your business activities.

Benefits of Trademark Registration

1. Business valuation and goodwill
2. Trademark recognition
3. Product differentiation
4. Legal protection
5. Builds Trust and Loyalty
6. Legal Right to Use the ® Symbol
7. Unique Image and identity

Stages of Trademark Registration Process

There are 4 stages in the trademark registration process:

1. Preliminary Check – In which one needs to check the availability of the desired brand name/logo.

2. Internal Examination – In which trademark authority checks the applied trademark and compares it with already registered trademarks in their database. If any similarities are found, they raise objections that need to be replied to accordingly. Objection replies involve Government Fees and Professional Fees.

3. Advertisement – If the applied trademark passes internal examination, then the authority publishes it in the trademark journal, where it will be open to opposition by any third party.

4. Registration – After 120 days of publishing in the trademark journal, it gets registered.

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Trademark Renewal

A trademark is valid for ten years in India and must be renewed after that. Trademarks must be updated within six months from the end of the date to prevent the owner from facing needless hassles. If someone forgets to renew the Trademark, they will be sent a notice to their registered address before the expiry date. If they still do not file for renewal, the registrar may advertise its intention to remove the trademark in the Trade Marks Journal.

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Trademark Objection Reply

A trademark objection occurs when a trademark examiner, public, or a third-party object to the registration of a particular trademark. The Government trademark examiner can object to a trademark registration application by seeking valid explanations about the mark. There may be two specific reasons for such an objection:

• Wrong or incomplete information in the application
• Existence of a similar trademark

Besides, any third party or the public may file a trademark objection in public interest:

• When the mark gets published in the Trademark Journal
• When the trademark is used before registration.

Such an objection should be filed within four months, and the grounds for the objections should be mentioned clearly.

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Trademark Opposition

During the trademark advertisement and re-advertisement of an application registration, any person may initiate trademark opposition proceedings under the Trademark Act of India. There is no restriction on filing an opposition. Anyone who believes that the published mark might create confusion among the public can file for the opposition, while the onus of defending the trademark lies in the hands of the trademark registrant. In this ACT, we look at the procedure for trademark opposition.

The following are some of the reasons for trademark opposition in India:

• The trademark is similar to an existing registered trademark
• Use of Incorrect Trademark Form
• Incorrect Trademark Applicant Name
• Failure to File Trademark Form TM-48
• Incorrect Address on Trademark Application
• Trademark is Deceptive/ Lacks Distinctive Character

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Trademark Hearing

Once the trademark objection reply letter is filed, a reply to the examination report is enough to aid in getting the application and the trademark accepted. Trademark hearing is a process in which, after the reply has been unsuccessful.

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Trademark Formality Check Fail

The trademark formality check is the first step in the government authority’s processing of the trademark application. The Trademark Registrar verifies the information and documents supplied with the trademark application at this step. If the Trademark application fails to pass the first step, the status is changed to Trademark Formality Check Fail.

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Assignment of Trademark

This transfer of a trademark is called Assignment (transfer of title, rights, interest, and benefits from one person to another person) trademark In general terms.


• Assignment with Goodwill of Business
• Assignment without the Goodwill of Business

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Patent Registration

After completing the patent registration process, an individual or a company gains intellectual property rights to an innovation. If your product is unique, the government will grant you full ownership of it. It gives you complete control over the creation, use, sale, and import of the product or services and prevents others from doing so. The Patent Act of 1970 and the Patent Rules of 1972 govern patents in India. The term of every patent granted is 20 years.

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Copyright Registration

Copyright Act, 1957, is used to complete the registration process Copyright registration makes you the legal owner or proprietor of your creative work, including music, books, websites, paintings, mobile applications, etc. Copyright Authorized registration ensures that an author’s original work cannot be duplicated or misused. No one is permitted to use a work or similar creation without permission from the creator or author. The author has the authority to fine others for using or modifying the work without the consent of the original author. Copyright registration safeguards the rights of the creator against infringement. It gives official protection by which no other unauthorized person can misuse the work in any way without procuring the owner’s permission.

Benefits of Copyright Registration

• Legal evidence proof of ownership and possession
• Public notice
• Seeking damages
• Early registration
• Helps you stand out in the crowd

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Design Registration

Design registration gives exclusive rights to its owner and creator. The registration gives authority to the creator to use the design for a period of ten years, and the time period can be extended for five more years. In case of any infringement, the owner can seek legal help under the Design Act 2000.

Benefits of having Design Registration

• Legal Shield Against Design Plagiarism
• Extended Validity
• Saves The Creativity
• Gives A Unique Selling Point
• Induces Innovation”

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PAN Card Application

AccTeez facilitates a smooth and hassle-free PAN Card Application process. Whether you are an individual, business, or organization, our expert team guides you through the application, ensuring accuracy and compliance with regulatory requirements. PAN (Permanent Account Number) is a crucial identification document, and with AccTeez, you can trust us to handle the application process efficiently. Count on AccTeez for a reliable and prompt PAN Card Application service, catering to your unique needs and ensuring compliance with tax regulations.

PAN Card Amendment

AccTeez offers seamless PAN Card Amendment services to individuals and entities requiring updates or corrections to their PAN details. Whether it’s a change in personal information, contact details, or any other modification, our expert team ensures accurate and compliant amendments to your PAN Card. Trust AccTeez to handle the PAN Card Amendment process efficiently, providing you with a hassle-free experience. With our professional assistance, you can navigate the amendment process smoothly, ensuring your PAN details are up-to-date and in accordance with regulatory standards. Choose AccTeez for reliable and prompt PAN Card Amendment services tailored to your specific requirements.

TAN Application

AccTeez simplifies the process of Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number (TAN) application, ensuring a smooth experience for businesses and entities. TAN is essential for those liable to deduct tax at source or collect tax at source. AccTeez assists in the accurate and timely filing of TAN applications, helping businesses comply with tax regulations.

Our dedicated team at AccTeez ensures that your TAN application is processed efficiently, reducing the complexities associated with tax-related procedures. With our professional guidance, you can obtain your TAN swiftly, allowing you to seamlessly fulfill your tax obligations. Trust AccTeez for reliable TAN application services tailored to your specific needs, and experience a hassle-free process with our expert assistance.

Passport Application

AccTeez facilitates a streamlined Passport Application process, ensuring a hassle-free experience for individuals seeking to obtain or renew their passports. Our expert team guides you through the entire application procedure, helping you meet the necessary requirements and documentation.

Whether you’re applying for a new passport or renewing an existing one, AccTeez ensures that your application is meticulously prepared and submitted, minimizing the chances of delays or complications. With our dedicated support, you can navigate the Passport Application process confidently, knowing that you have professional assistance at every step.

Count on AccTeez to simplify the passport application journey, allowing you to focus on your travel plans while we take care of the documentation and submission procedures. Contact us for reliable and efficient Passport Application services tailored to your specific needs.

Society Registration

AccTeez specializes in facilitating the registration of Charitable Societies, providing expert assistance to organizations dedicated to charitable activities. Our team guides you through the process of Society Registration, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and facilitating a smooth registration experience.

With AccTeez as your partner, you can navigate the complexities of Charitable Society Registration with confidence. We assist in preparing the necessary documentation, adhering to regulatory standards, and streamlining the registration process for your charitable initiatives.

Whether you are establishing a new charitable society or seeking to formalize an existing one, AccTeez ensures that your Society Registration is handled with expertise and efficiency. Contact us for reliable support in obtaining the necessary registration for your charitable endeavors.

80G/12AA Registration

AccTeez specializes in facilitating 80G and 12AA Registration, offering comprehensive assistance to organizations seeking tax exemptions for their charitable and religious activities. Our expert team guides you through the intricacies of the registration process, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

With AccTeez as your partner, you can confidently navigate the complexities of obtaining 80G and 12AA certifications, allowing your organization to avail tax benefits and attract potential donors. We assist you in preparing the necessary documentation, adhering to legal requirements, and ensuring a smooth registration process.

Whether you’re a charitable trust, religious institution, or nonprofit organization, AccTeez ensures that your registration for 80G and 12AA is handled with expertise and efficiency. Contact us for reliable and efficient assistance in obtaining 80G and 12AA certifications tailored to meet your specific needs

PF Withdrawal Assistance

AccTeez understands the importance of a hassle-free provident fund (PF) withdrawal process for individuals. We offer expert assistance in PF Withdrawal, guiding you through the necessary steps to ensure a smooth and efficient withdrawal experience.

Our team at AccTeez is committed to providing comprehensive support, helping you navigate the complexities of PF withdrawal forms, documentation, and submission requirements. Whether you are withdrawing your PF after leaving employment or for any other eligible reason, we streamline the process to make it convenient for you.

With AccTeez as your partner, you can trust us to handle the intricacies of PF Withdrawal Assistance, allowing you to focus on your financial goals. Contact us for reliable support and guidance in facilitating your PF withdrawal with ease.

Other Certifications-Services Please Ask

AccTeez offers a wide range of certification services to meet diverse business needs. Whether you require specific industry certifications, product certifications, or any other certifications tailored to your business, please feel free to ask. Our expert team at AccTeez is dedicated to providing customized certification solutions, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and enhancing the credibility of your business. Contact us to discuss your unique certification requirements, and we will be happy to assist you in achieving the certifications necessary for your success.

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