After Filing Under The Goods And Services Tax (Gst), Do We Need To Keep A Copy Of Every Invoice That We Create?

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In the modern era of business landscape, the importance of keeping copies of invoices cannot be overstated. According to the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Act, which came into effect in India in 2017, orders businesses to maintain records of all transactions including invoices, receipts and other related documents. The GST Act instructs that at a minimum these records must be retained for six years at the end of the relevant financial year. This ensures that correct and complete records can be obtained for any audit, audit, or argument relating to GST compliance in transactions. Similarly, Indian Evidence Act, 1872, maintenance of records is not a business practice but also a legal requirement. Section 34 of the Act states that any document created for examination by any court shall be retained for a specified period. Depending on the nature of document and its importance to any current or potential claim, the length of time records should be retained may differ and it is mostly advisable to withhold some of the invoices preferably five to seven years. Companies should recognize the importance of record keeping and adopt the affidavits essential to use records in accordance with the Evidence Act and the GST Act. By doing so, they can ensure compliance, diminish risks, and control the power of successful financial documentation to strength their success in today’s active business environments.

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